About Siberian

Siberian is the newest addition to an endless stream of newsletters from obscure writers. It’s produced by Elia Kabanov and covers Siberia — the vast region on the outskirts of an ageing empire. Each issue will immerse readers into the hopes and struggles of Siberia and its people.

About Elia Kabanov

I am a London-based science writer covering the past, present and future of technology. For years I told stories about mammoths, telescopes and climate change for Tayga.info, Meduza, Republic, Grist.org and other outlets.

I like to explain stuff. That’s why I presented my ideas in many places, including India, Bangladesh, Germany, Belarus, Uzbekistan and Russia.

With this newsletter, I leave my comfort zone. Instead of machine learning and archaeology, I’ll tell you about what is happening in Siberia today. I’d like to explore how millions of Siberians are coping with the declining regime, its wars and repressions. Together, we will imagine the future of Siberia and the world.

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What is happening in Siberia and why it matters


Science writer. Former ICFJ fellow. elia@kabanov.org